Leila Summers
Author • Coach • Creative
leila summers Leila Summers is an author, coach and entrepreneur, with a love for all things creative and human.

As an ideas person, her forte is advising, inspiring, and assisting fellow writers and creatives to realize their full potential and spread the word about their wonderful talents. Through designing, publishing and promoting her own book, as well as numerous others over the years, she has acquired practical knowledge and experience as a book coach. Her services include book formatting, self-publishing, book launches, Amazon SEO, ethical promotion, social networking and other creative ideas. Find out more at www.spread-the-word.co.za

Leila is also a Heal your Life® practitioner who teaches what she learns in the areas of personal growth, learning to love yourself and live your best life.

An impassioned approach to life has led Leila on many travels around the world, through Africa, Asia, Europe, Israel and the United States. Aside from Leila's love of nature and travel, her most significant voyage has been an inner journey of self-discovery. In her first book, It Rains In February, she shares her story of love, loss and grief. She is currently writing her second memoir.

Leila Summers lives in South Africa with her two daughters and animal friends. As a Gemini, she has boundless energy and enthusiasm for learning new things and her variety of interests include reading, research, intuitive art, photography and holistic living. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her girls, learning alongside them.

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ~ Pablo Picasso